Energy Infused: Poetry Series

Energy Infused: Poetry Series

Joy Whisperer

Born from artistic introspection through breathwork, meditation, gratitude journaling, reiki appreciation, and energy work—my artwork is an extension of my desire to share, connect, and help raise the vibration of others—to be a joy whisperer.

I want to spark connections through abstract art—to encourage seeing in a new way, invoke a feeling, and inspire healing. Everything is composed of energy, and by tapping into this vibration, can lead to new and unexpected paths of healing in our lives. My energy-infused art can be the catalyst for this change. Beginning with a healing intention, and continuing with an exploration of spontaneity and control, each piece will bring beauty, inspiration, and transformation to your home or space.

The process:

Using art as the focus for healing, I begin by placing my hands on the blank surface and asking for the message or the feeling that wishes to be conveyed. I hold this energy in quiet concentration and then shift this intention to the painting. My healing energy comes through my hands and into the art piece—through colors, shorthand, and abstract marks. With gratitude, I ask that each piece attract the person that needs this vibration in their life. 

Art opens a realm of possibilities to help you connect with what you want or need most in your life—specific to you. Everyone has moments of chaos and control and trying to find balance and beauty between these counterpoints. Energy-infused art can be a part of this journey.

View my energy-infused paintings, select a piece that resonates with you, and when you receive it, hang it in a space where you can easily view. Each piece has messages written in shorthand to give further inspiration. It will serve as a healing reminder that whenever your energy is out of balance, you can focus on the painting to absorb the positive energy—to help ground you and bring you back to center. Breathe and connect and go forward!